Every nyckelharpa is carefully adjusted to ensure the best sound, temperament and key action. Bows for nyckelharpa of different types and lengths to suit the length of your arm. Nyckelharpa accessories and more Tuner, pickup microphone, rosin and temperament ruler used to ensure proper temperament. Please contact me for more information. Violins


Suit gigging string player looking to stand out! Great for string players looking to stand out from the crowd. Not sure what it is?. Made in the EU 2010- Holger Funke. Padded hard case. 4 rows of keys.

The bow is closer to a Baroque violin bow in design, though significantly shorter at 38 cm. I’m selling a real, original Swedish Nyckelharpa made in Sweden - a wonderful world music instrument, kind of rare (in countries other than Sweden). I tell people it’s a cross between a cello, a sitar and a piano - it is a keyed ancient fiddle. This one has three rows of melody keys (some only ha Nyckelharpa från alla köp & sälj marknader i Sverige.

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This one has three rows of melody keys (some only ha bart (dot)brashers (at)nyckelharpa (dot)org I occasionally have a nyckelharpa on hand for sale. I also have (or can get) bows, straps, cases, etc. See my ad in the Oct 1996 Nyckel Notes for more info. The nyckelharpa is made 2011. Photos The TENOR NYCKELHARPA - from the middle ages into the 21st century. The tenor nyckelharpa (the Johan Hedin-model) is a completely new instrument that extends and develops the family of nyckelharpas in terms of sound, size and construction/design.

The Harpa from Esse enkelharpa 1700 century. Silverbasharpa late 1900 Century Kontrabasharpa early 1900 Century. Chromatic nyckelharpa. Chromatic  

Suit gigging string player looking to stand out! Great for string players looking to stand out from the crowd. Not sure what it is?. Made in the EU 2010- Holger Funke.

Nyckelharpa for sale

Those who love the sound of the Nyckelharpa, but know it only from the more non-traditional interpretations of Väsen will be delighted with this CD. Several players contribute to the is CD, with some very traditional solo cuts to some recent compositions which retain a more tradional texture.


There are very few used nyckelharpas available. Any you find for less than $2000 may not be playable. Holger Funke (Poeta Magica) shows a little bit on the wonderful Nyckelharpa "Formel 1" built by the master Kjell Lundvall.The Nyckelharpa is modified by Holg Sören is among today's best nyckelharpa builders. He has built roughly one hundred instruments which are dispersed all over the world. In 2002 he presided over the first nyckelharpa building course ever held in the USA, with a follow-up course in 2005. Nyckelharpa maker, maker of handcrafted nyckelharpa bows and supplier of 'harpa cases based in Wellington, Somerset, UK. 2017-05-10 The nyckelharpa is entering an exciting time in the UK and we are pleased to be able to offer different sorts of workshops at festivals or in the comfort of your own home.
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Nyckelharpa for sale

The keys are fast and very inviting to play.

(Scroll down the page a little way for all the details) _____ The Nyckelharpa (or "Keyed Fiddle") is the national folk instrument of Sweden. Prices: In general, nyckelharpa prices range from about $2500 to $10,000. Please note that there are no factories, they are all hand made. The cheapest you can typically get a Swedish 3-rowed nyckelharpa, from Sweden is about $2500.
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Four-row chromatic nyckelharpa (tenornyckelharpa) The tenor nyckelharpa is made by Carl Pleijel from drawings produced by Johan Hedin and Peder Källman.

People wanting to make their own nyckelharpa: Sören Åkher has recorded a DVD of how to make your own nyckelharpa. Also available is a book of plans. General UK based Luthiers: Brian Cohen - guitar maker and violin repairer.

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Subject: BS: NYCKELHARPA FOR SALE - UK From: GUEST,Sam Pirt Date: 07 Jul 11 - 08:19 AM NYCKELHARPA FOR SALE - I am selling my loverly Nyckelharpa. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just that I dont play it enough and it needs to be played more.

Read more. Leif Kronqvist - Master of Violin Construction. OPERATION. Professional  NYCKELHARPA. Dealer. SE. Brålanda, SE. SE. Fixed Price.